Falls School of Business

Doug Banning

Doug BanningThe Falls School of Business was not in existence when I attended Anderson College in the early 1960's, however I did take several classes from Dr. Glenn Falls and I have to say that he was the most fair professor I had at Anderson College.

My major was Accounting and in my third year, I took a class of Intermediate Accounting. I did pretty well on each exam we had, but working a full time schedule, I was not always able to complete all of the assigned homework. As the semester was drawing to a close, I decided it would be a good idea to visit Dr. Falls and discuss what possible grade I might have for the semester. I discussed my exam scores with Dr. Falls and said that I thought I deserved a grade of "B" for the semester. Dr. Falls answered that he always believed to be a successful accountant a person had to have a great deal of "personal discipline", and if I had this, I would have completed all of the homework assignments. I could not sway him into giving me a "B" for the class, but I have heeded that advice about "personal discipline" ever since he and I had that discussion. It was the "best" advice I ever received in my entire life.

In 1983, I sat for the CPA exam and passed it on my first try, because of my "personal discipline" to study and prepare for the exam. In 1991, I was promoted to the position of General Manager of our company, and I attribute that promotion to the fact that I had been very disciplined in my career in doing my job, and the hard work and perseverance is what enabled me to be qualified for the position. I have never personally thanked Dr. Glenn Falls for this life lesson, but because of him and his practices, I have had a very successful and fulfilling life and career.

As of June 2004, I have been retired from Prairie Farms Dairy on Broadway Street in Anderson. At retirement, I held the position of General Manager, a position I had held since 1991. Proir to that, I had been the Office Manager, Corporate Controller, and Company Treasurer. I began Anderson College in 1960 and had started working at the dairy in June, 1960, a total of 44 years.

- Doug Banning, 1965 accounting graduate, retired from Prairie Farms Dairy