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Graduate School & The C.V.

Before beginning to write your curriculum vitae (C.V.), be sure you have the graduate program description, application requirements, and core values in front of you! Your C.V. should be tailored specifically to the program in which you are applying.

Similar to a résumé, you can start by creating a dump document – this will help you in the process of tailoring your application materials. Save a text-based document (Word or other) on your desktop and continually update it with the main areas of a curriculum vitae:

  • Your current contact information
  • Links to any online professional presence or portfolios of work
  • Bulleted list of your most marketable skills/qualifications
  • Bulleted list of your technical skills: software systems, databases, applications, and/or languages plus your proficiency levels
  • Education information: institution(s), location(s), anticipated graduation date(s), degree type (i.e. Bachelor of Arts, Master’s of Business Administration, etc), GPA if above a 3.0
  • Awards and honors
  • Testing scores (i.e. GRE, LSAT, GMAT, MAT, etc)
  • Bulleted list of relevant courses, independent study projects, research papers and presentations, and any other educationally relevant items
  • Listing of all of your paid and unpaid professional, practicum, internship, work, and/or volunteer experiences
  • Listing of all of your extra-curricular activities (i.e. social clubs, service clubs, collegiate athletics, intramurals, student leadership positions, etc)
  • Professional memberships, certifications, conferences, etc.

Once you have a dump document created, begin to search through the description and website of the graduate program(s) for which you are applying. Highlight core values that they hold (and you share), qualifications that they seek in candidates, unique program attributes, and more to best tailor your curriculum vitae to fit their need. Find a template that best suits you, and work from there. Below are some additional tips and templates.

C.V. Templates and Resources:

You also will likely be required to submit a personal statement. Below are resources and tips for crafting the perfect personal statement.

Personal Statement Resources: