Student Life

How to Maintain Your Status

(Required of all International Students including undergraduates, graduate programs, and adult studies.)

  1. Check in each semester with the Director of ISS (Decker 235).
  2. Do not let your immigration documents expire; I-20 and Passport.
  3. Register for a full course of study.
  4. Do not work without authorization.
  5. Do not work more than 20 hours a week total on campus during academic year.
  6. Change your address and phone number, update the Director of ISS within 10 days.
  7. Update immigration documents with the Director of ISS; Changes to major, level of study, funding or transferring to another Institution.
  8. Obtain a travel signature prior to international travel. This travel signature stays valid for one year.
  9. Communicating with ISS, Check your AU email.  
  10. Insurance is required by all International Student.

View the Study in the States web page. It has information on how to stay in status plus much more.