Student Life

FYE Objectives

Paint TagBuilding Community

By actively pursuing their own educational experience - understanding how the university works by being able to locate, access, and use appropriate services and resources when needed (Career Development Center, Counseling Services, Kissinger Learning Center, etc.)

  • By exploring the Christian mission, history, and heritage of Anderson University and the importance of a liberal arts education.
  • By assisting new students with their integration into the college life at Anderson University through pursuing a thoughtful and informed faith; committing to a lifestyle of service; and engaging in a local community of believers.

Developing an Understanding Self & Others

  • By learning about the expectations both academically, and as a responsible participant in the AU and outside community.
  • By exploring leadership opportunities both inside and outside the AU community.

Incorporating Strategies for Success

  • By identifying and using relevant personal learning styles to improve study skills including: time management, communication etiquette, and effective reading, listening, note taking, and test taking strategies.
  • By demonstrating effective use of library and internet resources
  • By assisting students to develop meaningful education plans by utilizing advisors and mentor support personnel to help them plan, select, schedule, and register for classes.