Student Life

Health Services FAQ

Can I get a physical done?
Contact Health Services with your request.

Do you do X-Rays or laboratory procedures?
We do not perform X-Rays or laboratory procedures in the office. However, Health Services staff will be happy to supply you with the necessary requisitions should such services be required at MedCheck, located at the Commåunity Health Pavilion at 32nd St and Scatterfield Rd. The student is responsible for payment for services rendered outside of Health Services.

What about my TB skin test?
Health Services staff administers TB skin tests on Monday, Tuesday, and Friday during regular hours. It is then necessary for the student to return to Health Services in 72 hours to have the test read. The cost of each TB skin test is $5.00 in cash or check. Students may not charge student accounts for this service.

Do you provide Influenza Vaccinations?
A clinic is available on campus in Sept. or Oct.

Can I obtain medications if I am ill at Health Services?
Yes, medications for common illnesses are available to students at no cost. Prescriptions may also be written if the condition warrants.

How do I get a copy of my medical record?
Your record will not be released to anyone, including your parents, without your permission. If you need your records, Health Services staff will provide them only after you sign a release authorization. [Medical Record Release Authorization Form]

The Health Center follows the law with regard to retention of old records. 

Health Services and Counseling Services work closely together to support physical and emotional wellness.

Health Privacy

As of April 14, 2003, federal law provides privacy protections for your medical records. [Privacy Practices]