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Social & Service Clubs

Social and Service ClubsSocial & Service Clubs exist to enhance the quality of the social and spiritual life of the Anderson University community by providing opportunities for involvement in service, social, and spiritual activities for students.

Social clubs have been in existence at AU for many years and may be formed with
essentially the same criteria as interest clubs, with these exceptions:

  • at least 15 eligible students must be interested in being club members and signatures must be obtained.
  • SGA and representatives of the Department of Student Life must review the club proposal before it will be approved.
  • Must have a faculty/staff advisor
  • New social clubs may become active only at the beginning of the academic year. 

Women's Social and Service Clubs

Alacritas: established in 2003 by a group of ladies who wanted to have a club based on the foundation of their love for God and one another.  Alacritas means “zeal” in Latin, as well as fervor and devotion.

  • Current Advisor: Debbie Miller Fox and Lindsay Harger
  • Student Contact: Trisha McHugh
  • E-mail:

Camarada: A service based social club whose mission is to promote the interests of Anderson University by serving the Anderson community and to provide an opportunity for women to unite, have Christian fellowship with one another, to give ourselves in service to others, and to challenge each other to grow in the Lord while striving to set a Christ-like example within the campus, community, and abroad.

L’Amifidel: Promotes spiritual growth as we exemplify each other and magnify our Lord, Jesus Christ; challenges each member to reach her full potential concerning academic and social goals; renders Christian service to the University and surrounding community and strives for CLUB UNITY and EQUALITY as we support each other through encouragement and prayer.

Men's Social and Service Clubs

Adelphi -  Adelphi’s mission is to be an apostolic brotherhood, whose goals are to humbly foster Christ-like servitude and to accept, love, and cherish all.

  • Advisor: Dr. James Scott, Dr. Jeff Trotter and Rudy Lyon
  • Student contact: Jonah Colvin

Avanti Boosters: We are a Men's Service and Social Club at Anderson University. We are the oldest of all clubs on AU's campus, with 75 years of tradition on our shoulders! Our 75 years of rich tradition and history have shaped and helped define the Anderson campus into what it is today.

Dativus: established in 1971 at Anderson College, was created for the purpose of Christian servanthood and fellowship both within the community and abroad. Our mission is to unite as brothers and uplift each member, as well as the campus, in the name of the Lord.

  • Current Advisor: Brock Vaughters, Paul Saltzman, Tammi Miller
  • Student Contact: Jackson Conley
  • E-mail:

Recruitment Activities commence at the beginning of the fall semester.  If you’re interested in learning more about individual club activities, please contact that club.

All recruitment activities must be in accordance with the guidelines and lifestyle expectations contained in the Anderson University Student Handbook [PDF], current Indiana State law, as well as the Anderson University Social and Service Club Guidelines.