Student Life

Defining Off-Campus Students

AU definition of Commuter or Off-Campus... What’s the difference?

  • Commuter: lives with a parent or legal guardian
  • Off-campus: does NOT live on campus; does NOT live with a parent/guardian

Eligible Off-Campus Students

Students who are ELIGIBLE to live off-campus, meet AT LEAST ONE of the following criteria:

  • have earned at least 88 credit hours before the beginning of Semester I.
  • are 22 years of age by May 31, 2019  (born before 5/31/1997)
  • are married
  • are part-time students (less than 12 credit hours per semester)
  • are in their 4th year out of high school

All students who are eligible OR approved to live off-campus must complete & submit the Off-Campus Address Information Form located on the Housing website.
The deadline to complete the online form is August 27, 2018.
Students that do not meet the deadline for completing the online Off-Campus Application or submitting the Commuter Parent Verification Form will be fined as follows:

  • $50 if not submitted by September 3, 2018
  • $100 if not submitted by September 10, 2018
  • Holding Charge ($3,025) applied and name turned over to the Dean of Students if not submitted by September 17, 2018

Anderson University reserves the right to require any student, regardless of class standing, age, or number of hours enrolled, to live in university housing or to move on campus at any time during the academic year.