Student Life

Squatting a Residence Hall Room

What is a “squatter”? - A Squatter is a student who wants to continue to occupy their CURRENT housing for the next school year.
Note: freshmen women living in Morrison or Martin are NOT eligible to squat their room

If you would like to squat your residence hall room:

  • In order to be eligible to squat your residence hall room, you AND your same roommate must be staying together.
    • Due to the repositioning of freshman rooms for next year, if you squat your room and it is decided that your room will be a freshman room for next year, we will assign you to a different, available upperclassman room on the same floor.
  • Complete the Residence Hall Squatter’s Rights Form at
  • You must enter the 7 digit ID #s for your roommate(s).
  • If you meet the above criteria, you will be placed in your assigned room and will NOT need to enter room draw.
  • Residence Hall Squatter forms are due on Friday, April 7th by 11:59pm