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Anderson, Indiana
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Campus Life

Residence Life Mission and Values

Rice Hall studentsResidence Life provides Christ-centered living and learning communities for all residential students through intentional relationships.  

Residence Life supports the core values of AU, as well as:

  • Community
  • Relationship
  • Holistic Development and Wellness
  • Growth and Learning
  • Leadership
  • Inclusivity

Residence Life Objectives and Outcomes

  • Provide a living and learning atmosphere that fosters learning and contributes to the overall educational experience.
  • Provide an environment where all residential students are included and accepted.
  • Provide comfortable and well-maintained facilities as a matter of personal and institutional stewardship.
  • Collaborate with the larger campus community to ensure student success and develop strategies for retaining students while being supportive of classroom learning and serving as an extension of the academic experience.
  • Train a caring and professional staff who are responsive to the needs of all residential students and competently connect students to University resources.
  • Provide residential leadership characterized by relational ministry.  
  • Provide high-quality programming that addresses the mind, body and spirit of students.
  • Provide accountability for students and allow for questions in their discovery of truth.