Student Life

First-Year Seminar

Student in the Valley

The First Year Experience Seminar is an extended orientation to our campus community that prepares Ravens for AU’s mission of living a life of faith and service. The seminar introduces students to Anderson University’s community at large, and it provides them with a smaller learning community in their individual cohort, which is led by a Faculty Mentor and Peer Mentor.

In class, students work both independently and together to Reflect, Connect, and Grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and spiritually. While it’s perhaps impossible to develop deeply in all of these areas via a 1-credit course, the FYE Seminar allows students to begin exploring how they want to grow as whole people through self-reflection activities and by giving them the necessary knowledge to meet their college goals.

Alongside this pursuit, students learn about the unique community that is their home for the next four years by studying AU’s five core values: Integrity, Excellence, Servant Leadership, Responsibility, and Generosity. This focus allows students to understand more profoundly the character of AU’s community, which is something we Ravens are proud to call our own.