Photo of Scott Carr

Dr. Scott R. Carr

Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Carr instructs courses mainly in chemistry, but also has taught courses under the physics caption and is involved in the freshman Liberal Arts Seminar courses. In addition to course instruction, Dr. Carr has assisted students in undergraduate research projects. The work that has been completed in some of the endeavors has been presented at […]

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Photo of Scott Kennedy

Dr. Scott B. Kennedy

Professor of Chemistry

During his tenure at Anderson University, Dr. Kennedy has taught a broad range of courses in chemistry and physics and maintains an active research program studying the antimicrobial properties of polymer solutions and polymeric coatings. In 2009 Dr. Kennedy began consulting for a start-up company that formulates and distributes unique antimicrobial products to a wide […]

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Dr. Richard Pottorf

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

After more than 25 years of industrial experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Pottorf felt the calling to “pay back” for his education in chemistry.  His experience in Drug Discovery involved medicinal chemistry studies in cardiovascular, CNS, anti-inflammatory and cancer therapeutic areas.  He was involved in the discovery of an antihypertensive drug, Cozaar, and similar […]

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Photo of Chad Wallace

Dr. Chad E. Wallace

Dean, School of Science and Engineering; Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Wallace was an undergraduate student at Anderson University. He loved AU so much; he returned to join the faculty in the fall of 2000. Because of his background in organometallic chemistry, he teaches organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, and several other advanced chemistry courses. His research at Anderson University has been mostly in the area […]

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