Photo of Justin Lambright

Dr. Justin Lambright

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Lambright teaches almost the entire range of courses offered by the Department of Mathematics, such as Explorations in Mathematics and the Calculus sequence, as well as Mathematical Models and Geometry. His research interests are related to the fields of combinatorics and algebra, involving special families of polynomials and integer sequences related to them. He […]

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Photo of Paul Saltzmann

Paul Saltzmann

Professor of Mathematics

After graduating from Anderson College in 1957, Paul Saltzmann taught high school in Ohio for two years, Professor Saltzmann began his tenure at Anderson College as Acting Instructor of Mathematics in 1959. With the exception of a year teaching in an African secondary school in Kenya, Professor Saltzmann has taught every semester at the university […]

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Photo of Courtney Taylor

Dr. Courtney Taylor

Chair, Department of Mathematics; Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Taylor was an undergraduate student at Anderson University and returning to join the faculty in the fall of 2011 was very much like coming home. He has taught nearly every course in the undergraduate mathematics curriculum, and especially enjoys teaching Abstract Algebra and Problem Seminar. He serves as chair of the department. His research interests fall […]

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Photo of Gerard Lee Van Groningen

Dr. Gerard Lee Van Groningen

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Van Groningen enjoys the appeal of teaching a wide variety of mathematics classes from Finite Mathematics to the Calculus sequence to Differential Equations. Dr. Van Groningen considers himself a pure applied mathematician whose main research interest lies within numerical analysis. His primary work is with numerical solvers of differential equations including the method of lines […]

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