MOSAIC Team & Intercultural Engagement


The MOSAIC Team at Anderson University established the MOSAIC award in 2012 to recognize individuals within the university who embody the ideal of “modeling and promoting a work-learning environment in which all persons feel welcomed and affirmed on the journey toward intercultural competence.” Nominations are accepted in April each year. View information of each past recipient:

Award Criteria

The ideal award recipient will be a person who has demonstrated their commitment to intercultural competency in ways that include, but are not limited to:

  • Intentionally fostering the values of diversity and racial harmony which are so deeply rooted in the history and theology of Anderson University and the Church of God.
  • Extending hospitality by interacting in meaningful ways with persons (students, faculty, and/or staff) whose lives have been shaped by cultures different from their own.
  • Engaging in scholarship or professional development that will be helpful in educating the campus community on issues of reconciliation, cross-cultural teaching and learning, and/or racial justice.
  • Serving as an advocate and change agent for marginalized communities.
  • Challenging individuals to recognize automatic assumptions, perceptions, and stereotypes about people with different cultural worldviews.

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