MOSAIC Team & Intercultural Engagement

Purpose & Action Statement

Students around HeliosPurpose Statement

The MOSAIC Team is committed to supporting the university’s intention to graduate students with a global perspective who have the knowledge, skills, and attributes needed to meaningfully engage in lives of faith and service in an increasingly diverse world.

We understand our efforts are undertaken within the context of a commitment as Christ-followers of a rich church heritage rooted in Biblical reconciliation and Christian unity. Within this context, and building our capacity to “bridge the complexities of cultural differences,” we will model and promote a work-learning environment where all people feel valued and engaged.

Action Statement

We are called as a Christ-centered community to create an environment where everyone feels included and loved. We advocate with and are sensitive to people or groups who may feel marginalized or do not have full value and/or participation within our community. We protect the human dignity of all.