School of Education

Reading Education Minor

The reading education minor is designed to strengthen the preparation of elementary teachers and their teaching skills in the areas of reading, writing and language arts. The program provides advanced study in research-based, differentiated literacy programs and instruction. The Indiana Content Standards for Educators in Reading, as well as the International Literacy Association’s Standards for Reading Professionals guide the program. Candidates begin with the courses required of all elementary education candidates and then progress to twelve additional credits of advanced study in targeted interventions, whole class frameworks for differentiation and literacy research. Field experiences emphasize all instructional contexts from one-on-one tutoring and small group intervention to designing effective literacy classrooms. Candidates will be better prepared to address the varying levels of literacy in their classrooms and therefore be more effective at helping all students progress in this essential educational skill. The reading education minor prepares students for the Indiana Content Area Assessment in Reading.

Candidates who complete the Reading Minor and pass the licensure exam are eligible to apply to add an Indiana license in Reading to their initial license.