Indiana Faith and Writing Conference

IFWC History

The English Department at Anderson University is pleased to present the Indiana Faith and Writing Conference (IFWC), formerly known as the Indianapolis Christian Writers Conference. Although this event has been beloved by writers for more than twelve years, it was in 2014 that Founding Director Heather Gemmen Wilson paved the way for Anderson University to become the official home of the conference.


The Indiana Faith and Writing Conference will build on the established foundation, providing publishing opportunities for those communicating the Good News through the written word while mentoring writers to create works of literary and academic excellence.


The Indiana Faith and Writing Conference, hosted by the Anderson University English Department, welcomes speakers, presenters, and conferees from a wide variety of faith traditions. In keeping with the Anderson University Ethos Statement, we intend to maintain a “free and open atmosphere” where ideas can flourish and where faith and understanding can be challenged and grow, and we believe that books can be “important regardless of whether all agree with each word or idea expressed.” The Indiana Faith and Writing Conference offers many options for attending breakout sessions, participating in workshops, and visiting tables and booths; conferees are always free to attend and participate as they feel led.