Soccer Stadium

Build AU Soccer

For more than three decades, Anderson University has been home to Ravens Soccer, offering players the opportunity to grow as athletes, students, and people of faith during their time on campus. Women’s soccer began a few years later with the same mission of supporting the whole player.

Now, alumni and friends have the opportunity to pitch in and support the next step for this sport as they work to construct a stadium where they currently have only a field.

The first stage of this project includes bleachers, fencing, sprinkler system, concession stand, landscaping, signage, team areas, restroom, video tower, tailgate gazebo, and electrical work for the press box and team area. To accomplish this goal, they are working to raise $128,000.


As of April 2019, supporters had given just more than $100,000, for which coaches and players are very grateful. You can help play a role in supporting this project by giving what you can and spreading the word to others who might be interested in supporting this goal!

From California to North Carolina, Ravens have been coming together in support of the Stadium 2018 project. Some are four-year players like 1997 grad Ben Guthrie or 2004 grad Jon Barleycorn. Others may have played only part of the time or cheered on the team from the sidelines. No matter who you are or how much you give to the cause, we are grateful to our supporters!

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A drawing of bleachers with fans, each representing $1,000 given. There are 100 fans.