AU Honors Program

Honors Curriculum

The curriculum for the Honors Program is designed to cultivate scholarly learning, leadership, and service within the university community and the broader world. The Honors Program has two main components for its curriculum: Honors Courses and the Senior Honors Projects.

Scholars Courses

Honors Scholars enroll in one Honors course per semester during the freshman through junior years. Each of these courses will be taken together as a cohort, and all meet Liberal Arts Core Curriculum areas required for Anderson University students. Honors courses are not designed to be more difficult or more work than other liberal arts courses. Instead, they are discussion-based and focused on intellectual and spiritual development. Many of them are team-taught and/or interdisciplinary.

Senior Scholars Honors Projects

The Senior Honors Project is an intensive original research project under the direction of an academic mentor. During the first semester of their senior year, Honors Scholars will work on an honors project of their choice, with presentation of the projects in the second semester. First semester of the senior year, Honors scholars take the Honors senior seminar, to help them plan their project and practice discussing it with an outside audience.

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