AU Honors Program

Honors Program Course Sequence

Scholarship, Leadership, and Servanthood

Semester I - The Scholar in the Academy
Honors scholars enroll in a 5-credit section integrating a 2-credit English writing requirement with a 3-credit Western Civilization component. The course encourages historical investigation and writing on a common theme, and will fulfill requirements for Section F3 and W3 of the AU Liberal Arts Program. Honors Scholars will also receive mentoring from the Honors Program co-directors and support from their Honors cohort during their freshman year, so the F1 Liberal Arts Program requirement will be waived for Honors students.

Semester II – Scholar as Servant Leader
Honors scholars enroll in a 2-credit seminar course focusing on the theme of the “Scholar as Leader.” The course will assess different ways by which one may function as a leader, while providing students various opportunities to serve in active leadership roles. This course fulfills the Speaking Intensive requirement of the AU Liberal Arts Program.

Semester III – The Scholar as Natural Scientist
Honors scholars enroll in a 4-credit science course examining the nature of science, the history and philosophy of science, and scientific techniques and practice. The course fulfills requirements for Section W2 of the AU Liberal Arts Program.

Semester IV – The Scholar as Citizen of the World
Honors scholars enroll in a 3-credit course that examines the bridges and barriers among various cultures of the world through a historical analysis. This course fulfills section W7 of the AU Liberal Arts Program as well as fulfilling the need for one of the two required writing intensive (WI) courses.

Semester V – Justice and the Good Society
Honors scholars enroll in a 3-credit social science course that investigates societal structures and concepts of justice arising from such structures. This course fulfills the requirements for Section W5 of the AU Liberal Arts Program.

Semester VI – Christ & Culture
This 3-credit hour course is organized as a seminar in historical theology that considers the various relationships between Christians and their culture. This course fulfills the W1 Component of the AU Liberal Arts Program.

Semesters VII and VIII– The Honors Senior Seminar
Honors scholars enroll in a 1-credit senior seminar fall semester of their senior year. The honors senior seminar serves as a capstone course for the honors program. During the first semester, the student works on an honors project, to be presented in the second semester. This project is an intensive original research project under the direction of an academic mentor. The honors project may also serve as a senior project required by the student’s major.