AU Honors Program

Honors Program Mission and Structure

AU Honors Program graphicScholarship, Leadership and Servanthood

Honors Program Mission Statement

The Honors Program at Anderson University is devoted to fostering within its honors scholars a passionate dedication to intellectual inquiry and spiritual development so that they may serve as vibrant leaders in their professions and in their communities.

Ideals and Design of the Honors Program

Anderson University is committed to the highest ideals of Christian higher education. As an integral part of that commitment, the Honors Program seeks to prepare students of demonstrated achievement for leadership in a range of fields of endeavor. Within this context, our scholars will be challenged to cultivate the life of the spirit, maturing in the virtues of integrity, justice, and generosity.

The Honors Program provides a series of small discussion-based interdisciplinary courses that satisfy particular liberal arts program requirements. These courses as well as close interaction with faculty and peers offer intellectually challenging experiences that will stimulate and refine the skills of clear expression, acute analysis, critical thinking, and imaginative problem-solving. In the freshman and sophomore years of the Honors Program, scholars will participate in four integrative courses, designed to enrich understanding of the humanities while creating a small community of students dedicated to Christian scholarship. In their third and fourth years, honors scholars may pursue opportunities for international study and travel, service to the church and community, and independent study in partnership with faculty mentors. Upon completion of this four-year program, the honors scholars will receive special recognition at commencement and on their transcript.

For more information, contact the Honors Program co-directors.

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