AU Honors Program

Program Objectives

In keeping with its stated mission, and with its overall commitment to the goals and ideals of Christian liberal arts education, the Anderson University Honors Program seeks to develop a cohort of scholars with demonstrated capabilities in the following areas:

Global understanding and engagement – honors scholars will demonstrate an awareness of major cultural, social and political issues within the United States and in the world;

Creative problem-solving – honors scholars will demonstrate an ability to identify and analyze problems and propose solutions from both discipline-specific and integrative perspectives;

Clear expression – honors scholars will demonstrate a high degree of clarity and sophistication in their written and oral forms of expression;

Aesthetic awareness – honors scholars will demonstrate a conceptual understanding of the arts and humanities as expressions of culture and of one’s experience of the world, leading to heightened aesthetic sensitivity and personal involvement with the arts and humanities;

Knowledge and appreciation of the environment – honors scholars will demonstrate an understanding of the complexities of the natural world and of human interaction with that world;

Vital Christian ethical practice – honors scholars will develop and express their Christian values through academic study and service within the university community and in the broader world.