Office of Human Resources

Elected and Appointed Student Job Listings

NOTICE: To inquire about a student job posting, please come to AU Human Resources, Decker Hall, Room 11. You will be given additional information and a referral to contact the department. A Student Employment Referral must be obtained from Human Resources to contact a department for student employment.

Students are elected to the position or are appointed to lead a program or project. Positions are typically a stipend position. 

Job openings are announced in chapel, through signs/announcements around campus and in Human Resources (HR). Come to HR for a student employment referral and additional information. Many positions for the summer or the next academic year are advertised in January to begin the application process, including references and interviews, with hiring decisions usually made by the end of March.

Types of positions that are typically available on an annual basis:

Student Leadership

A variety of positions are available each year through the Department of Student Life.


Hired as needed for each theatre production: Sound Designer, Costumer, Shop Foreman, Scenic Artist, Lighting Designer, House Manager, Stage Manager, Stage Lighting Technician, Props Master.

PACT Program

The PACT program seeks to provide opportunities for students to grow in their understanding of peacebuilding. The PACT STudent Coordinator will be responsible for organizing Student Peace Initiative, serving on the PACT Advisory Committee, and assisting with various PACT sponsored campus events. Coordinate activities for the Peace and Conflict Transformation (PACT) Program to help fulfill its objectives. A student will gain experience in planning and implementing events in conjunction with PACT and SPI (AU’s Student Peace Initiative), as well as cooperating with other partners both on and off campus. The student will help raise the visibility of the PACT Program on campus and provide support and assistance to students in SPI, working to ensure continuity in the leadership of SPI.

RCA (Summer)

The Resident Conference Assistant (RCA), who is a current Anderson University student and hired through the conferencing office for summer employment, plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the University’s summer conference and camp program. The Resident Conference Assistant is involved in every aspect of the conference and camp program, from general preparation for a visiting group, to planning specific group needs with individual conference directors or coaches, and on-site management. The RCA assigned to a specific group will be the primary contact person for any arrangements that needs to be made for a camp or conference once the summer has begun. Prior to the completion of the semester, all correspondence can be done through the conferencing office.