Office of Human Resources

Recognition Program

Unsung Heroes

Employees who demonstrate a dedication to making the university an outstanding place to work and learn, advance it in being forward-thinking, or work toward enhancing its fiscal strength can be nominated for this award. Nominate an AU Unsung Hero.

Recent heroes:

Jen Carney

Jen was nominated because she "took on awarding Endowment Scholarship Funds as 25% of her job and without any guidance, she went above and beyond to research all ESFs and tried to award as many students with scholarships as possible in 2017-18. This quickly became most of her focus while still doing her best with graduate counseling. The ESF manager position has been vacant for several years and a lot of money was not awarded until Jen took ownership beyond her 25%. She is an outstanding employee and deserves to be rewarded for her great work
putting together pieces she was not aware of to award as many students as possible. Her good work is allowing the interim ESF manager to build and not start over from scratch."

Her manager, Chaunta Redfield, Director of Student Financial Services, says, "Jen embodies what it means to be a servant leader. She is kind, compassionate, and generous with her time and talent. Jen has a tremendous work ethic and consistently goes above what is asked of her. Anyone blessed enough to spend even a short amount of time with Jen will easily echo the same sentiments."


Mike was nominated with these words: "I had the privilege of working with Mike during my time at the AU Flagship. During a time of volatility, Mike was positive, approachable, fun to work with, and efficient in his work. He was also very supportive and responsive to my team at AU Flagship Center. Thank you, Mike, for how you display Christ in your work."

His manager, Joe Royer, Executive Director of Facilities & Property Management, says,  "Mike is a dedicated colleague who has both technical savvy and a heart for Anderson University and its mission. He is quiet, unassuming, and unflappable, yet his light shines in the work he does and the relationships he builds. We're very blessed to have Mike as a part of our team."


Jodie was nominated because she "answers any and all questions I have experienced as a new faculty member. She also never answers the question without a thorough look into the problem. Her role goes above and beyond the normal duties while serving the entire faculty population on campus. She is very friendly, extremely intuitive, and rarely without a solution. She has made my first year on faculty less stressful because of her professionalism, attention to detail, and resourcefulness in thinking of new solutions to make the Canvas-experience more attainable."

Michael Tucker, Director of ITS, says, "This award perfectly captures Jodie's spirit and commitment to teaching. Without need for recognition, she goes above and beyond to support faculty whether they teach one class or are full-time instructors."



Morrison Award

The Morrison award is designed to recognize faculty and staff who go beyond excellence in performance and have demonstrated a commitment to something larger than self. Each year, one staff and one faculty member will be selected from those nominated by the faculty and staff and announced at the annual Recognition Luncheon. Nominees for the Morrison Award should demonstrate a commitment to the university’s mission and core values. Nominate someone for a Morrison Award.

2018 Faculty Award: Diana Jones

2018 Staff Award: Art Leak



The Mosaic Team of Anderson University has established this award to recognize individuals within the university who embody the ideal of “modeling and promoting a work-learning environment in which all persons feel welcomed and affirmed on the journey toward intercultural competence.” Nominate someone for the MOSAIC Award.

2018 Award: Linda Robertson