Office of Human Resources

Web Clock

This section will provide instructions for bi-weekly paid employees including student employees and AU Staff. Student jobs are either hourly paid positions or stipend paid positions. Student and staff positions paid hourly require the employee to clock IN and OUT for each shift of work. Employees taking 30 minutes or more for a lunch break must clock OUT before lunch and clock back IN after lunch.   Instructions in this section include:

  • How to clock IN and OUT using the Web Clock
  • How to view timesheets
  • Reviewing IN and OUT punch times for each work day
  • How to view hours worked each week - a summary of payable time that has been processed from the timesheet punches.

When a correction is needed on a timesheet such as no clock OUT punch time on the previous day, etc. Please email your supervisor with date of correction and an explanation of the correction request with the exact time to enter. An email gives the supervisor the documentation/authorization from you in order to change your timesheet information.

Use the summaries as a quick guide to using Time and Labor on AccessAU. Use the detailed PDF instructions to get a much better understanding of specific details of each process: