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Our classrooms have cultivated Fulbright scholars, film writers and directors, nationally known journalists, and international missionaries. But the learning at Anderson University are more than classroom lectures. Our students publish a yearly creative writing magazine, provide manpower for the university’s video production company, participate in Model UN, obtain internships in national and state government, and spend semesters abroad honing their skills in a foreign language.

Real Life. Together.

Our Faculty & Staff

Photo of David Armstrong

David Armstrong

Photo of David Baird

Dr. David Baird

Photo of Soh Inge Baird

Inge Baird

Photo of Lolly Bargerstock

Dr. Lolly Bargerstock

Photo of Janell Blunt

Dr. Janell Blunt

Photo of Scott Borders

Dr. Scott Borders

Photo of Carrie Clay

Carrie Clay

Photo of Brian Richard Dirck

Dr. Brian Richard Dirck

Photo of Peter Elliott

Peter Elliott

Photo of Soh Felix Tn

Rosy Felix-Jester

Photo of Soh Tim Fox

Dr. Timothy Fox

Photo of Michael Frank

Dr. Michael Frank

Christie Franklin with a building in the background.

Christie Franklin

Neal Freeman

Photo of Soh Brandan Grayson

Dr. Brandan Grayson

Photo of G. Lee Griffith

G. Lee Griffith

Photo of Amy Hartzell

Amy Hartzell

Photo of Jason Higgs

Jason Higgs

Photo of Elizabeth Imafuji

Dr. Elizabeth Imafuji

Photo of Stefanie Leiter

Stefanie Leiter

Photo of Tia Lipan

Tai Lipan

Photo of Jack Lugar

Jack Lugar

Photo of Cara Miller

Cara Miller

Photo of Deborah Miller-Fox

Deborah Miller-Fox

Photo of David Thomas Murphy

Dr. David Thomas Murphy

Placeholder Staff Photo

Melanie Lain Musser

Photo of Jason Robert Parks

Dr. Jason Robert Parks

Photo of Lisa Pay

Lisa Pay

Photo of Abigail Post

Dr. Abigail S. Post

Photo of Wayne Priest

Dr. Wayne Priest

Photo of Leroy Quashie

Dr. Leroy Quashie

Photo of Kevin Radaker

Dr. Kevin Radaker

Photo of Elizabeth Ranfeld

Elizabeth Ranfeld

Photo of Tammy Reedy-Strother

Dr. Tammy Reedy-Strother

Photo of Jaye Lee Rogers

Dr. Jaye Lee Rogers

Photo of Maria Scott

Dr. Dulce​ Maria Scott

Photo of Joel Shrock

Dr. Joel D. Shrock

Photo of Laura Stull

Dr. Laura Stull

Photo of Samantha Yoo

Samantha Yoo

Come as you are.

Discover who you’re meant to be.

Writers, historians, religious scholars, counselors, artists, public relations experts, linguists, social workers, and governmental policy authorities will walk our halls with you. Before you know it, you’ll become one too. This is Real life: Together.