School of Humanities & Behavioral Science

Modern Foreign Languages & Cultures Faculty

Inge Baird

Ingetraut Ruth Baird
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Assistant Professor of German
M.A., Ball State University
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Carrie Clay

Carrie Yvonne Clay
Assistant Professor of Spanish
B.A., Anderson University
M.A., Middlebury College
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Rosa Felix

Rosa A. Felix-Jester
Instructor of Spanish
B.A., M.A., University of Arizona
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Tim Fox

Timothy Fox
Chair, Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures
Professor of Spanish
Ph.D., Purdue University
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Brandan Grayson

Brandan Grayson
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Ph. D., Washington University in Saint Louis
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Sally Jo Shulmistras
Professor Emeritus
M.A., Purdue University