School of Humanities & Behavioral Science

School of Humanities & Behavioral Science Programs

Constitution Day readingThe School of Humanities & Behavioral Science houses an exciting array of programs and majors within our departments. Our majors represent a fantastic array of disciplines and approaches that range from research oriented to artistic production.

  • The Department of Communication and Design Arts offers a stunning variety of majors and minors for those interested in the dynamic media field to students who want to work in graphic design.
  • The Department of English offers majors and minors to help prepare students in the general humanities to pre-professional preparation. Few of our sister schools offering a writing major.
  • The Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Cultures offers majors and minors that focus on language, culture, and literature as well as connecting language development to other professions through their complementary major.
  • The Department of History and Political Science offers majors, minors, and programs in several areas dedicated to study of history and political institutions. The department also houses the interdisciplinary international relations major.
  • The Department of Psychology offers one of the most popular majors on the Anderson University campus. Our faculty help students build a strong foundation for a career or for continued work in graduate programs. A psychology major is easily paired with complementary majors offered at the university, such as criminal justice or Christian ministries.

  • The Department of Sociology, Social Work, Criminal Justice, and Family Science has strong community ties that provide students with numerous and wide-ranging internship and job opportunities at the local and national levels. Faculty are active in their fields, helping students see the practical application of their professions.