School of Humanities & Behavioral Science

In their own words: alumni testimonials

Patience Randle"Not only did the professors at AU prepare me for the field I desired to work in. They taught me character. They taught me that hard work, dedication, and a good attitude would take me far. And so far, their advice has propelled me further than I could have ever imagined." – Patience Randle, 2013, cinema and media arts





 Sarah Noel“All of my communications classes offered engaging teaching, but also tangible practice that prepared me for my next steps as a communications professional. But in particular, it was the care and advice I received from all of the professors in the department that made it such a fulfilling experience. I no longer felt like I was stumbling through the first stages of adulthood, rather had a clear vision for what I wanted to do—and that’s a big deal as a college student.” – Sarah Noel, 2006, minor in mass comm (major in psychology)





Lindsay Conner “My classes, internships, and hands-on experience with The Andersonian newspaper gave me a great head start in my career. I was fortunate to start working in publishing as an editorial assistant just days after graduation, building up freelance clients over the next several years. Today I'm a published author of three books and an editor of several others. I've appeared on radio shows, given presentations across the country, and appeared on PBS as an expert in my field. Having received so many great opportunities, it's my professional goal and privilege to help others achieve their own publishing success.” – Lindsay (Thompson) Conner, 2005, public relations




Chris Witt “AU equipped me for spiritual resilience and a strong relationship with God. Living in Hollywood, I find it imperative to use our Christian gifts and talents to further God’s plan of redemption. We are in a unique position at the very epicenter of the world’s culture. It is our responsibility to create films that are glorifying and uplifting to God.” – Chris Witt, 2003, cinema and media arts




Thom Newell“I was heavily involved in dorm life and student leadership at AU. I was an RA, an officer in the Avanti Boosters Social Club, as well as a Student Manager at Covenant Productions. These experiences helped prepare me for the rough and tumble world of being a freelance filmmaker in Los Angeles. Plenty of late nights were spent making short films in the Valley, Dunn Hall, and Reardon, all while honing the interpersonal skills of working with a diverse group of thinkers. Today, I fill my time working on feature films, TV series, commercials, and digital content, and I wouldn’t be able to flourish had AU not been the first step in my journey.” – Thom Newell, 2009, cinema and media arts