School of Humanities & Behavioral Science

Political Science

Do you want to bring about a more just society both at home and abroad? Are you interested in the causes of war? The impact government has on the economy? How citizens affect what government does?

Anderson University's Political Science program involves the systematic study of how political institutions influence the behavior of citizens, leaders, and international actors to achieve public policies that promote justice both nationally and globally. Our program will help you prepare for successful careers in government, politics, law, non-profits, teaching, journalism, business, and more.

Whether you want to run for office, practice law, or work for an intelligence agency, accomplishing the goal of a more just society requires critical thought and analysis, clarity of written and oral expression, and the ability to identify your biases so you can better understand the positions of others. But whatever career path you choose, we will help you develop the knowledge and skills necessary to engage actively and effectively in the political process, and encourage you to mark your activism with grace, hope, compassion, and respect.

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