School of Humanities & Behavioral Science

Psychology Alumni Profile

"PrivatBrian Harte Christian colleges seem to be a dime a dozen, but when it comes to AU, one thing that stands out is that they offer both psychology and Christian ministries-related courses. A lot of people look at those two as being opposite forces, but AU embraces both. I took an assertiveness skills course at AU and a related internship where two other psychology students and I taught life skills to a resident at the Christian Center in Anderson. It was partly for our betterment, learning to teach these skills, but there was also a community service component to that as well."

— Brian Hart, BA '08




Michael Heckendorn“While studying psychology as a student at Anderson University, I had the privilege of being an Interpersonal Trainer. I taught interpersonal and assertiveness skills to my peers in the classroom setting and to the community at conferences, schools, and workshops. I’m currently a therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado, working with adolescents in the area of depression, anxiety, trauma, and self-worth. I train my clients in interpersonal and assertiveness skills, daily utilizing the different techniques and role plays I learned and trained for at AU.”

— Michael Heckendorn, BA ’12