School of Humanities & Behavioral Science

Psychology Alumni Profile

"All the professors in the psychology program had their own unique impacts on me but one common theme was consistent through it all...they were all in my corner and I never lost their support. Through the exams, the projects, the late nights, they were always there to offer advice, criticism, and investment. All the qualities I knew that would help grow my education at AU.

"A little PSA to all students at AU and incoming students...If you have the chance to take Interpersonal Relationships class, DO IT. I promise it will be uncomfortable and it will be unusual, but it will change your life. It taught me life skills I use every day and if you can fit it in your schedule, please do! It does not matter who you are, you will be changed and also see the change in others."

— Ben Belt BA '17, Neighborhood Liaison at Children's Bureau


Michael Heckendorn“While studying psychology as a student at Anderson University, I had the privilege of being an Interpersonal Trainer. I taught interpersonal and assertiveness skills to my peers in the classroom setting and to the community at conferences, schools, and workshops. I’m currently a therapist and Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado, working with adolescents in the area of depression, anxiety, trauma, and self-worth. I train my clients in interpersonal and assertiveness skills, daily utilizing the different techniques and role plays I learned and trained for at AU.”

— Michael Heckendorn BA ’12