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Security Studies

Situation Room ribbon cuttingAnderson University now offers national security studies and information security (also known as cybersecurity). 

Anderson University's National Security Studies Program is one of the few interdisciplinary, undergraduate security studies majors in the country.

These programs are unique from public universities in providing students the inclusion of Christian ethics as a foundation in preparing for a career in public service. 

Students have the opportunity to learn from Anderson University President John Pistole, former TSA director and FBI deputy director, and through professionals in the National Security Studies Fellows.

The Situation Room, opened on Feb. 14, 2018, is modeled after the room in the White House. This room gives students classroom space to respond to mock crises and a video conferencing setup to allow more opportunities to hear from National Security experts. “The nature of a class changes dramatically to a more professional environment when you’re seated together around a table,” says Dr. Michael Frank, professor of political science. “It’s one thing to write a memo or read about a situation, but to be involved as it’s unfolding really gives students important skills." The generous donor for this project is Charles R. Carroll ‘77, senior vice president for Identity Services and NorAm at IDEMIA.

    Alejandro Mayorkas lunch with students

    Previous Guest Speakers:

    • Eric Holder, former U.S. Attorney General (Video)
    • John Brennan, former director of CIA
    • Matthew Olsen, former director of National Counterterrorism
    • Robert Mueller, former director of the FBI
    • James Clapper, former director of National Intelligence
    • Alice Hill, senior director for Resiliency, National Security Council (Video)
    • Representative Pete Hoekstra, former House Intelligence Committee Chair
    • Alejandro Mayorkas, deputy secretary of Homeland Security
    • Chuck Rosenberg, acting administrator for the Drug Enforcement Agency
    • Dr. Paul Stockton, managing director of Sonecon and former Assistant Secretary of Defense