School of Humanities & Behavioral Science

National Security Studies

Representative Susan Brooks visits students

Serving as interdisciplinary majors, coursework from history, political science, criminal justice, sociology, social work, computer science, math, Christian ministry, and psychology will provide a well-rounded liberal arts education experience. The program will have common features and will include work in the following areas:

  • The American policy-making process, with a specific emphasis in national security policy
  • Research methods
  • Professional ethics from a Christian perspective
  • A senior seminar capstone experience that includes a faith-reflective component related to the student’s career goals

What classes will I take?

  • American National Government
  • Political Violence and Terrorism
  • Homeland Security
  • American Foreign Policy

View the academic advising sheet for courses in the national security studies major

What kind of experiences will I have?

The National Security Studies Fellows bring real-world professionals to campus for interaction with students. Ask questions of experts and delve into the possibilities of working in this dynamic field. Our students benefit from the experience of University President John Pistole, who spent much of his career in public service protecting our nation's security, as they discover their calling.

What kind of job can I anticipate after graduation?

  • Linguist/Foreign Language Expert
  • National Security Analyst
  • Security Officer
  • Intelligence Officer

How can I learn more?

The academic catalog contains additional information such as course descriptions. To set up a meeting with a faculty member in this area, please contact the Admissions Office.