Jeeninga Museum

Gustav Jeeninga Museum of Bible & Near Eastern Studies


Jeeninga MuseumThe Museum of Bible and Near Eastern Studies at Anderson University was established in 1963 by Dr. Jeeninga. The name of the museum was changed at the retirement of Dr. Jeeninga in 1992 to reflect his nearly thirty years of teaching and work in the areas of religious studies and archaeology.

The Museum’s holdings include original artifacts from many periods of the Ancient Near East. These artifacts come from the Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Babylonian, Assyrian and Israelite Periods. In addition to original artifacts, the Jeeninga Museum houses a number of replicas purchased from museums around the world. These replicas include the Siloam Inscription (Istanbul Museum), Hammurabi Law Code and Mesha Stele (Louvre), Shalmaneser’s Obelisk, Sennacherib’s Prism, and The Rosetta Stone (British Museum), and the Egyptian goddess, Selket (Cairo Museum).