School of Music, Theatre, & Dance

Orangehaus Records and Publishing

Orangehaus Records and Orangehaus PublishingOrangehaus Records provides an environment where students are developed and empowered to gain experience in the recording industry. Anderson University students influence every aspect of Orangehaus Records, such as developing, promoting, marketing, and booking student musicians. Orangehaus Records is one of only a few professional record labels affiliated with a university in the United States.

The recording studio features a digital hard disk recording studio with a Digidesign C|24 control surface, a ProTools HD native system, and Genelec studio monitor speakers. The control room is situated above one of the main rehearsal/recital spaces in the Fine Arts Building and is able to record up to 24 inputs from this room.

Adjacent to the control room upstairs are two smaller recording rooms in which smaller projects can be recorded. The primary purposes of this facility are to record student, faculty and ensemble performances for the music department and projects related to the music business program. Full-time AU students working on projects for music classes are able to use this facility free of charge, while others may use the facility for a nominal hourly rate.

As a division of Orangehaus Records, Orangehaus Publishing is a student-run company whose goal is to sign and develop songwriters at Anderson University. The company optimizes exposure of the songs to the public through effective marketing and promotional strategies in order to generate income for both the publisher and songwriter. The staff licenses songs from the Orangehaus catalog for use in recordings, film, video, television, product branding, and other uses.