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Park Place Church of God

Park Place Church of GodPark Place Church of God has had a long association with Anderson University, due to its close proximity. The Music Department of Anderson University was housed in Park Place Church until the completion of the Fine Arts Building in 1979. There are several performance events held in the sanctuary each year. Organ students have lessons and can practice on the pipe organ.

Park Place Church of God has the finest pipe organ in the area, built by Casavant Freres, St. Hyacinthe, Quebec, Canada in May of 1960. Casavant is a leading name in organ builders and has designed and constructed organs in Canada and North America for more than a hundred years. The pipe organ was designed in cooperation with the church's organ study committee, and offers excellent resources for the varied services of the church and for concert performances. In 1993, a major organ restoration and renovation project was completed by Goulding and Wood, Inc., of Indianapolis. The organ console consists of three manuals (keyboards), together with the pedalboard, and controls the sounding of 60 ranks of more than 3,368 pipes in five divisions. These pipes vary in length from one inch to sixteen feet. The combination action with 32 levels of memory includes: twelve general pistons, eight pistons on each manual, one fixed crescendo, three adjustable crescendos, and two adjustable sforzandos. The console can be moved so that it is more visible for organ concerts. Many world famous organists, including Virgil Fox and Dianne Bish, have given concerts on this organ.