School of Music, Theatre, & Dance


Songwriters bring together the skills of musicianship and composition with those of writing and business. Anderson University recognizes this interdisciplinary need with a songwriting major that includes classes in each of these disciplines. We provide the framework a songwriter needs to compose the song, write the lyrics, market it to artists or labels or perform and record it for themselves.

What classes will I take?

Among the classes in the 44-hour major are:

  • composition
  • creative writing workshop
  • recording techniques
  • music marketing
  • music publishing

Course requirements and advising plans will be added spring 2017.

What experiences will I have?

Students will gain experience in writing and appreciation of the written word through work with the Department of English faculty. Alongside the music faculty, songwriting majors will train their ears with an understanding of the structure of written and performed music. The program also gives students opportunities to get into a recording studio and take on an internship as part of learning how to promote and market their skills.

What kind of jobs can I anticipate after graduation?

Songwriters may write and perform their own music, either live, in studio or both. Sometimes this is the core of what a songwriter does, but they may also share their talents in service of other artists or causes as a staff songwriter, working for a publisher, record company, or producer. Collaborative work is also part of the landscape, where a strong lyricist partners with a strong composer. Songwriters also may work as producers or music supervisors for film or television.

How can I learn more?

The academic catalog contains additional information such as course descriptions. To set up a meeting with a faculty member in this area, please contact the Admissions Office.