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Anderson University's School of Education has a long and outstanding record of excellence within all of the programs they have to offer undergraduate students. In November, the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP) accredited AU's program for the next seven years without any stipulations for areas of improvement.

According to their website, their promise for prospective teachers is to help mold them to be "teachers of quality who are reflective in their practice and see the integration of character education within their teaching as a professional responsibility."

Dr. Merribeth Bruning, the dean of the School of Education, explains their mission statement: "We seek to prepare teachers of excellence who are content competent, can make cultural connections, and continue to develop Christian character."

The faculty work alongside students to help guide them in their potential field. Nathan Searcey, a senior music education major, shares that "AU is place that helps students achieve excellence." Students in this program enjoy the learning environment and educational experiences that they gain through interacting with the faculty, other undergraduates in the education programs, and professional teachers placed in the field.  

The School of Education offers several majors that blends together both the educational knowledge and content area expertise that all undergraduates need to comprehend once they are in the field.


Elementary Education offers a variety of opportunities for undergraduate students to get into the classroom and work with elementary students and teachers as soon as possible. AU faculty work closely with their undergraduates to provide meaningful instruction and advice that will help them flourish in their own future classroom. "We have great faculty and students who are wanting to be educators of excellence," explains Bruning. Bringing together faculty and students who are working towards the goal excelling and learning in the classroom creates a powerful atmosphere to our campus.

physical education class with a student leading a group of elementary kidsAlong with the 46-56 credit hours that are required of this major, undergraduates at AU must also chose a minor that will strengthen their understanding classroom knowledge. The special education minor leads to licensure in grade P - 12 and will be viewed as very helpful for the growing number of SPED students and programs in today’s school systems. In addition, the reading education minor allows undergraduates to learn about the importance of classroom literacy and how to work with students to improve those skills.

Secondary Education undergraduates work hard to master their content areas as well as immerse themselves with the knowledge that they need to know for running a classroom. Those interested in secondary education may choose to teach from various content area majors offered at AU, including language arts teaching, math teaching, music education teaching, physical education teacher education, social studies teaching, Spanish teaching, and AU TeachScience.

"Our students come to the university called to teach… Teaching is their passion and they are ready and eager to be trained," said Professor Joyce Wehneman. Education students at AU know that they are receiving a quality education and are learning in an environment that they cannot find at any other university.

Student Teaching

elementary education student teacher"Student teaching is like being a teacher, except you have the guidance of another master teacher," said Bruning.

The School of Education offers two different student teaching experiences: semester and year-long. Both programs provide opportunities for undergraduates to involve themselves in a public school system with teachers and students learning in their content area. Both of these opportunities provide excellent experiences for prospective teachers and help students to learn from and work in an environment that may be similar to their future classroom.

One semester student teaching is the most popular among undergraduates with those participating in this program receiving a 96 percent placement rating.

Year-long student teaching holds a 100 percent placement rating. This program is especially beneficial for undergraduates who are hoping to teach overseas. Bruning explains, “year-long student teachers have a longer time to build a relationship with teachers and students.”

Student teaching provides a unique experience for all prospective teachers that allows them to be involved in a classroom and learn about their intended career through observation and engagement with teachers and students."I think my professors have helped me connect with some awesome educators out in field," says Gabby Caldwell, a senior language arts teaching major. "I think these relationships will be extremely beneficial in the future as I move on from AU."

Why AU?

Anderson University’s School of Education is a unique program not only for students, but for faculty as well. Those involved enjoy the Christ-centered environment and learning alongside fellow Christians on their journey to discover Him through their work and experience in the classroom. “What's also unique about AU Ed is that we have the freedom to discuss issues of faith as it pertains to the classroom and how we can share Christ's love through teaching children,” added Searcy.

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— Katie Giger is a senior secondary education language arts major from Fishers, Ind. 

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