Gaining The Experience: AU senior serves as EMT intern

Photo of Kayla Medaris, AU senior and certified EMT

Kayla Medaris is a senior at Anderson University studying psychology. Before wrapping up her college career, Medaris decided to dive deeper into the medical world by becoming a certified EMT two summers ago. She now can add a position at Seal Ambulance to her resume.

Seal Ambulance services provides emergency and nonemergency transport services. Medaris explained that in many cases, it’s hard to find an EMT job without experience but Seal Ambulances hire beginners and start staff with less intense situations. They do a lot with patient transport so the members can learn a lot with patient care. As you gain more experience, you begin to work your way up.

Throughout the summer her responsibilities as an EMT would fluctuate. The team would alternate driving the ambulance as someone was in the back taking vitals, talking with the nurses, and being with the patient. Medaris’ overall experience was good; however, the first day of training was hectic and included a life-changing event.

During her first day, Medaris was assigned the medic truck instead of the transport ambulance. She was called to a two-car collision involving three people. At the beginning of her run, only one patient passed away but by the end, all three died—one while she was in the back of the ambulance. As time went on, she learned how to cope and how to handle harder situations, including elderly or psychiatric patients. The experience also helped her communication skills, pertaining to how the patient was feeling and how the staff could assist them the best possible way.

After college Medaris plans to enter the field of clinical neuropsychology, working with traumatic brain injuries. This would include working with sports teams, car accidents, or abuse. Her internship with Seals Ambulance has contributed to her success. “They always say the best doctors start out as EMTs,” said Medaris, because they are able to see both sides.

Dr. Laura Stull, a professor in the psychology department of Anderson University, has witnessed Medaris’ love for brain trauma grow. “I know that in one particular course, I witnessed Kayla's passion grow for more of the medical side of psychology, including understanding how the brain works and what results when the brain is damaged,” said Stull. “I also have witnessed her passion for understanding the effects of trauma through her Capstone research project. I know that Kayla is passionate about all people receiving needed treatment.”

Medaris says, “If you are interested in something, don’t be afraid to go for it because that’s how it sparked my interest to study trauma in psychology. Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom to figure out what you want to do because that helped me tremendously with where God wants me to be.”

Liam Crays is a junior from Indianapolis, Indiana, majoring in public relations and is an associate with Fifth Street Communications, writing on behalf of the Anderson University Office of Communication and Marketing.

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