A summer unlike most for student Jackie Grondahl

Jackie Grondahl is spending the summer sharing the gospel in Europe.

Many college students spend dozens of hours searching to find a great summer internship to apply for in preparation for their career. Junior Jackie Grondahl got lucky. She made her connection to her summer internship while still in high school.

Grondahl is spending the summer sharing the gospel in Europe. She connected with an organization based in Wheaton, Ill., called Josiah Venture. This organization trains young leaders and sends them across central and eastern Europe to spread the gospel. The main vehicle of communication that Josiah Venture uses is interactive videos and photos, a niche that Grondahl is passionate about. 

Grondahl first connected with Josiah Venture when she was a senior in high school through her high school secretary’s husband, Denny. 

“We got to talking about what I was going to college for and when he found out that I wanted to pursue photography, he immediately told me about an upcoming mission trip he was organizing at the church through Josiah Venture. He said photographers were always needed on trips and that I should really consider going,” Grondahl explained. 

The very next day she was given more information, and after much prayer, she decided to go on the trip to Poland over the summer of 2014 to teach English and document the trip through photography. 

After that trip, Grondahl’s interest was sparked in overseas photography.  

Grondahl will be traveling through Europe May 30 to Aug. 11. She will spend the first month in the Czech Republic planning out the summer projects with the communications team. 

However, the fate of the rest of her summer is largely out of her hands as the organization determines which of the 13 countries she will be sent to. Possibilities include Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. 

Wherever Grondahl is sent, she will be prepared to serve the Lord and use her gift of photography to further God’s kingdom. She is ready to be flexible with her plans and allow God to use her in any way. 

Like Isaiah 6:8, says, “Here I am, Lord. Send me.” Although, Gondahl’s direction is still somewhat vague, one thing is for sure — she will have her camera ready for the perfect take at any given moment. 

Wes Davidson is a sophomore from Saint-Étienne, France, majoring in communications and minoring in marketing. Davidson is an associate with Fifth Street Communications, writing on behalf of Anderson University Office of Communication and Marketing.

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