School of Nursing & Kinesiology

Nursing & Kinesiology Faith & Learning

nursing labThe School of Nursing and Kinesiology shares the Anderson University mission of educating students for lives of faith and service in the church and society. Our alumni carry this mission out into the world with integrity and compassion. Students in the School of Nursing and  Kinesiology begin to develop the skills of their profession well before they graduate through practicums and internships.

The faculty in the nursing department believe cross-cultural interaction is vital to our students, so before they graduate, our nursing students travel abroad or to culturally diverse sections of the United States to provide care to people in those areas. Exercise science students develop skills in exercise testing, prescription, and programming to develop training programs to help people of all ages and fitness levels. Meanwhile, athletic training students are the caregivers for the Raven athletic teams. Students in physical education teaching or sports and recreational leadership work with youth and adults to provide experiences in sport, physical activity, and recreation.

Working in the fields of nursing and kinesiology requires faith that what is being done is making a difference, either now or in the future, and it requires a heart for service. It is our blessing as faculty to walk with, listen to, pray for, and encourage each Anderson University student as they begin to travel this road.