Pre-Professional Programs

Anderson University offers pre-health professional programs for students desiring careers in medicine, physical and occupational therapy, dentistry, physician assistant, pharmacy, chiropractic, optometry, podiatry, and veterinary medicine. Discover more about the pre-health professional programs.

The pre-law program combines study in the major disciplines with specially designed classes in law. Students are encouraged to develop majors in fields such as economics, history, political science, sociology, and related disciplines. This work is complemented by the law courses, the capstone of which includes the seminar and internship in law. Interns are assigned to area law offices, courts, or the prosecutor’s office. Discover more about the pre-law program.

Anderson University seeks to serve students preparing for seminary admission through a range of courses considered basic to such graduate professional study. There is no single normative pattern for pre-seminary education because of widely varying emphases and settings for ministry. Discover more about the pre-seminary program.

Pre-Professional Health