Office of the President

Dr. Robert H. Reardon

President Emeritus ReardonDr. Robert H. Reardon assumed the presidency in 1958 and led the maturing school effectively for the next quarter of a century.

His steady hand was crucial as the troubled 1960's were weathered successfully and the school grew to two thousand students, broadened its partnerships with the church and local community, widened the scope of its curriculum and gathered a series of professional program accreditations, assembled a new generation of faculty, and built a range of new and impressive educational facilities.

Here was one who maintained the historic roots and community traditions of the campus in volatile times by strength of personality, singleness of vision, sturdiness of faith, and the uncommon ability to hold and sway a crowd with a pointed and timely story. When his retirement came in 1983, the one chosen to be his successor had been close by his side all of his twenty-five presidential years.

Read his thoughts on the purpose and limitations of a Christian college.

--Excerpted from Faith, Learning and Life: Views from the President's Office of Anderson University by Dr. Barry L. Callen, University Professor of Christian Studies at Anderson University