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Dr. Reardon: Letter to College Servants

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[Editor's note:  The following is a transcript of a handwritten letter penned by Dr. Robert Reardon which is housed in the Archives at Anderson University]
October 3rd 1975

Some thoughts to myself – and other college servants.

Dr. Reardon after retirement
Find something you believe deeply in and give yourself to it.  Be a part of its life.  If need be, suffer with it, prosper with it, plan for its fulfillment within the context of the great commission. Worry not about salary or titles.  Worry about matching your gifts with the institutions needs.  Stay until you can honestly say that God has released you for another assignment in His kingdom.

Love, support, and encourage your colleagues.  Rejoice when God uses them to do successful things.  Keep your own house in order.  Put your ideas forward modestly and contend strongly for them.  If they be received be grateful. If not, retreat with grace and good spirit.

Remember that leadership rests on trust, a commodity to be desired above great riches, or a large office.  It is helpful to remember that it is God who is the author of our gifts and that there are few greater joys than the certitude that He is using us.

Anderson College is part of an ancient tree whose roots go back to Jerusalem and Athens.  This great tree if cultivated will bear fruit in God’s great plan for mankind with coming generations enjoying its rich bounty no matter what sweeping changes may come and go on the passing scene.  Rejoice to be a part of it.

R. Reardon