QuestionPro Surveys

QuestionPro Online Survey Software Sign-Up

Anderson University is maintaining a license to QuestionPro Online Survey Software to provide each member of the Anderson University community access to an account for using QuestionPro’s survey tool.

To Sign Up For A Survey Account: Go to the QuestionPro University Signup Portal.

QuestionPro Online Survey Software employs an easy to use wizard interface to author and deploy web-based and email surveys. A comprehensive suite to analytical tools, ranging from simple frequency analysis to Conjoint and TURF analysis is also provided for data analysis.

Student, Faculty, and Staff Obligations:

  • You must have a university assigned email address.
  • You should limit your use of QuestionPro to activities related to your work or educational pursuits at Anderson University.

Please note that the hyperlink that supports the QuestionPro University Signup Portal link above has changed.