Reardon Auditorium / Conference & Performance Events

Reardon Auditorium

Reardon AuditoriumReardon Auditorium opened in 1983 and is named after the 2nd president of Anderson University, Robert H. Reardon. While president, Reardon worked to build many of the current campus buildings.

The auditorium seats 2200 for theatrical and musical productions and is the location where the university holds chapel twice a week during the academic year. Throughout the academic year, Reardon Auditorium is host to several concerts, including the annual AU production of Candles and Carols. In addition, the auditorium often serves as the site for a conference’s ‘main session.’

The lobby hosts numerous events including meetings and wedding receptions. The light sculpture, which adds character and class to the lobby, was designed by Shirley Montgomery, wife of the auditorium’s architect, Ken Montgomery. It is composed of 1225 plexiglass tubes with a total of 7102 reflective lights. Because of its beauty and elegance, the lobby is highly requested as the place for meetings and banquets.