Reardon Auditorium / Conference & Performance Events

Resident Conference Assistant (RCA)

The Resident Conference Assistant (RCA), who is a current Anderson University student and hired through the conferencing office for summer employment, plays a vital role in ensuring the success of the University’s summer conference and camp program. The Resident Conference Assistant is involved in every aspect of the conference and camp program, from general preparation for a visiting group, to planning specific group needs with individual conference directors or coaches, and on-site management.

A brief description of duties is listed below. The RCA assigned to a specific group will be the primary contact person for any arrangements that needs to be made for a camp or conference once the summer has begun. Prior to the completion of the semester, all correspondence can be done through the conferencing office.

  1. Serve as a key liaison between the Conference Office and visiting groups
    • Act as a resource person to all conference directors/coaches and participants
    • Be accessible in person or by telephone, within reason, for questions or concerns and to respond to emergency situations
  2. Assist the Office of Conference & Performance Events in the efficient operation of the summer camps and conferences
    • Help with the planning and preparation for upcoming groups
    • Prepare and implement a working agenda and schedule for each conference/camp prior to arrival
  3. Assist with the registration of incoming groups
  4. Assist with the day-to-day operations for each conference/camp
    • Meet daily with the conference director(s) or coaches to discuss any needs or concerns from their group
    • Provide transportation and drivers as needed for a conference/camp
    • Attend events within a conference as requested