School of Science & Engineering

Cradlepoint Partnership

AU faculty work with Cradlepoint to set up their new equipment

Cradlepoint is a leading provider of cloud-based wired and wireless networking solutions. The company also works with Ascension, the lead sponsor of the AU's Cybersecurity Engineering Laboratory, where they deliver preconfigured units to avoid length wireless internet setup at their new Ascension facilities. 

After installing the Cradlepoint software and equipment, the AU Solar Car team can now communicate via the internet, rather than using walkie-talkies as most teams do. The walkie-talkie system severely limits the range of communication between Solar Car team members while on their cross-country competition drive. 

[Pictured: AU faculty work with Cradlepoint staff to set up their new equipment.]

With the Cradlepoint technology, the team members must simply be connected to the internet (using wifi or LTE data) to communicate with each other in real time from anywhere across the country.

Cradlepoint is generously sponsoring the equipment and software needed to set up and maintain this technology, with the Verizon LTE service as the only cost to AU.

This is intended to be just the beginning of a longer partnership with Cradlepoint. "This partnership exposes students to these devices," Dr. Kyle Tarplee, Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering.

This technology can be used in other capacities on campus, including a backup internet connection, and training for other programs like the School of Nursing. In fact, the use of technology in the disaster response after Hurricane Katrina helped to bolster the funding of Cradlepoint. Using equipment that fits in a backpack and is connected to the Cradlepoint network, nurses working in disaster relief can do extensive medical tests in victim centers, send the results to doctors at hospitals or other facilities who can analyze them and send them back to the nurses so they can complete treatment. 

The School of Science and Engineering faculty and staff look forward to the many benefits that this technology will bring to AU students.