School of Science & Engineering

AU Solar Car

Solar CarThe faculty in AU’s School of Science and Engineering has been fascinated with the American Solar Challenge for some time. The challenge attracts universities from some  the top schools in the United States, including Michigan State, University of Kentucky, Stanford, and Illinois State. The goal of the race is simple — to bring to the challenge the fastest and most durable solar-powered car that can withstand a cross-country race. For AU to compete in this challenge would be a huge accomplishment for a university of this size.

Anderson University received its solar car, named Solis Corvus (Sun Raven in Latin), during the 2016 summer and is now customizing it to fit the School of Science and Engineering’s needs.

The car will also be incorporated into the university’s curriculum. All students majoring in engineering will have the opportunity to work on the car. It is truly a hands on experience that will not only prepare the solar car for the American Solar Challenge but also allow students a hands-on experience within their field.

A solar-powered car provides AU’s engineering program with new opportunities for national recognition. It also provides AU faculty and students the excitement and experience of building, modifying, and testing a car with the goal of qualifying for the American Solar Challenge.