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AU Solar Car


Anderson University's solar car offers faculty and students the excitement and experience of building, modifying, and testing a car with the goal of qualifying for the American Solar Challenge. The car, named Solis Corvus (Sun Raven in Latin), arrived on campus during the summer of 2016, and the solar car team is working to prepare the car for competition.

The car is part of the university’s curriculum, and students can get academic credit for their work. It is truly a hands-on experience that will not only prepare the solar car for the American Solar Challenge but also give students experience in their field.

Photo: Chris Hobbs works on the battery box of Solis Corvus.Team member Chris Hobbs (pictured) says the first time he saw the Solar Car, he knew he wanted to be involved. He joined the team because, in his words, "I enjoy working with my hands and working on cars." As a sophomore mechanical engineering major, his work on the car is also related to his career goals.

In total, eight students participate on the Solar Car team:

  • Josh Ewing
  • Chris Hobbs
  • Smith Joseph
  • Matt Milford
  • Chris Newman
  • Caleb Overstreet
  • Rob Shaver
  • Jerell Sneed
  • Jacob White

Not only do engineering students gain hands-on experience, the team includes a business student and would welcome students with a variety of skills - such as marketing, photography, writing, and mechanical skills. All majors are welcome to participate in a team environment with a large but attainable goal. The car has previously competed in a 2,000-mile race, finishing in fourth place. The team is working to perfect its operations for a strong finish in the track race to be held in 2019. 

The faculty in AU’s School of Science and Engineering has been fascinated with the American Solar Challenge for some time. The challenge attracts universities from some of the top schools in the United States, including Michigan State, University of Kentucky, Stanford, and Illinois State. The goal of the race is simple — to bring to the challenge the fastest and most durable solar-powered car that can withstand a cross-country race. For AU to compete in this challenge would be a huge accomplishment for a university of this size. 

Students on the team appreciate the gifts of donors whose support will help them reach their goals of becoming competitive on the national stage.

Thank you to our current sponsors:

  • Perfecto Tool 
  • Lehman's Mechanical
  • C B Fabricating
  • Carter Express
  • Allred's Collision Center
  • Anderson Speedway
  • CradlePoint
  • Battery Express
  • Borg Warner
  • Dossett’s Garage
  • AVT Composites
  • Ralph Engle
  • Terry Pahls
  • Mark Sipka

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