School of Science & Engineering

Electrical Engineering Laboratory Equipment

The Electrical Engineering Laboratory at Anderson University is a modern electronics lab with highly qualified equipment widely used in the industry. The lab includes dual/triple DC power supplies, digital precision multimeters, digital arbitrary waveform generators, and digital oscilloscopes. Students benefit from hands-on training on this equipment in electrical circuit, electronics, digital logic, and microcontroller courses. The EE Laboratory has 10 student workstations and one instructor station. 

Dual Output DC Power SupplyDual Output DC Power Supply

Anderson University has an Agilent U800A Dual DC Power supply. This power supply provides a balanced DC voltage to electrical circuits. The voltage and current ranges are between 0V to 30V/3A maximum LCD, and a tracking nob allows for the display and control of voltage and current. The power supply is widely used in the industry.


Triple Output DC Power SupplyTriple Output DC Power Supply

Anderson University has an Agilent E6030A Triple DC Power supply. This power supply provides clean power with excellent regulation and fast transient response. The voltage and current ranges are 1V to 6V/1 A to 2.5A and 0V to 20V/0.5A. An auto-tracking feature lets you use one voltage control to adjust the +20V to -20V output simultaneously.


Waveform GeneratorFunction/Arbitrary Waveform Generator

Anderson University has an Agilent 33521B Functional/Arbitrary Waveform Generator. This is a 30 MHz synthesized waveform generator with built-in arbitrary waveforms (sinusoid, square, and saw) and pulse capabilities. Its combination of bench-top and system features makes this waveform generator a versatile solution for any current and future testing requirements. The generator is frequently used to apply arbitrary waveforms to electrical functionalized circuits for further device tests.

Digital MultimeterDigital Multimeter

Anderson University has an Agilent 34410A digital multimeter. The digital multimeter (DMM) is the industry standard and offers improved accuracy, expanded measurement capability, dramatically improved measurement speed, and modern computer interfaces including LAN and USB. It measures DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, resistance, frequency, period, continuity, diode test, capacitance, and temperature.

OscilloscopeFour-channel Oscilloscope

AU has an Agilent MSOX2014A Oscilloscope. The Oscilloscope has the fastest waveform update rate in its class, providing superior viewing of signal detail and capture of infrequent events. This is coupled with the industry's only optional integrated function generator and offers more capabilities to engineers and educators with highly constrained equipment. In addition, it has capability to debug mixed-signal designs using analog and tightly correlated digital signals simultaneously. Major features are a 100MHz bandwidth and digital storage, 8-channel mixed-signal, and math waveform with the ability to subtract, multiply, and FFT, and a LAN/VGA module for connecting to a network and displaying.