School of Science & Engineering

School of Science and Engineering Faculty

  • Dr. John Millis is a member of the VERITAS (Very Energetic Radiation Imaging Telescope Array System) Collaboration, which operates an array of four air-Cherenkov gamma ray telescopes located in southern Arizona. The focus of John’s work is to understand how radiation is produced by rapidly rotating neutron stars and how these objects interact with the surrounding medium. John also serves as the affiliate director for Indiana Space Grant Consortium (INSGC),
  • Dr. Scott Carr teaches the environmental chemistry course during the summer at Au Sable Institute of Environmental Studies an educational organization that offers field-based, university-level courses in environmental studies and environmental science at campuses across the Country.
  • Dr. Scott Kennedy is working in California on special projects for Google Life Science a facility run by Google dedicated to making major technological advancements.
  • Dr. Courtney Taylor has written numerous articles concerning statistics at He is the author of An Introduction to Abstract Algebra, a peer-reviewed open access textbook provided through as a freely downloadable e-book.
  • Dr. Justin Lambright is a consultant for the Math League of the Association for Christian Schools International. Through this he reviews problems that are used in competitions for students in faith-based elementary schools.
  • Dr. Dan Ippolito has taught at the Au Sable Great Lakes campus each summer for the past 20 years. He also has taught courses for the Creation Care Study Program in New Zealand and Belize. Dr. Ippolito’s ongoing research project examining the water quality of the White River is shared with the City of Anderson Stormwater Department and has been presented by students at several different conferences.
  • Dr. Kimberly Lyle-Ippolito is a lead author of Inquiry into Life, a textbook for non-major biology courses.
  • Prof. Michael Bailey consults with the College Board for the Biology AP Exam each summer.